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Gender Male
Occupation Retired Food Processing Manager
Location El Paso, Texas, United States
Introduction Like the Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor, I went to Austin High in El Paso, Texas. I moved to California right after high school. Graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1971 with honors. Worked on a master's degree, then to avoid going to Vietnam I joined the U.S. Army to be at 3rd Armored Div HQ in Frankfurt, Germany. I was there for almost 3 years. Bicycled and backpacked a lot in the Swiss Alps. Had some good times, saw some of the world, and grew up a little. I went to law school at U.T. Austin for a while, raised a family, got elected to a minor political position in El Paso, had 3 great wives, owned a Corvette then later a Prius, became a scuba diver, got my private pilot's license including multi-engine and instrument ratings, and lived in the Cajun country of Louisiana for a few years. For 15 years I was the general manager for a food procesing company in Europe. I really enjoyed living in Europe. I'm now retired, and to quote from Martin Luther King, I'm finally "free at last, free at last." I've moved out to the wonderful high desert in the Southwestern city of El Paso, Texas USA.
Interests fluorescent minerals, vaseline glass, Victorian era oil lamps, solar energy, cogeneration, Vespa, CLL, shortwave radio, 16th century European stoneware, Bruegal, the Romans, archaeology, coins, the Greeks, Celts, London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Aachen, Louvre, Joan Miro, megalithic stones, Stonehenge, Weris, New Mexico, wilderness, Magritte, Jukeboxes, rock art, private pilot, instrument rating, multiengine rating, snow skiing, backpacking, scuba diving, Cozumel, Guadalupe mountains, Mercedes G500, Prius, SUV, 4 wheel drive, drag racing, fast cars, fast airplanes, fast women, love, sex, honesty, courtesy, kindness, unconditional love, dogs, steam boilers, water treatment, corrosion protection, COPD, the New Forest, Dorset, Hadrian's Wall, dressage, Heidelburg Castle, Scotland, Edinburg, Glastonbury, Baalbek, Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Museum, Athens, Lake Tiberius, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Kilbourn's Hole, volcanos, coral reefs, Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, Rue Foyatier, Brassai, Ansel Adams, photography, John Muir, Sierra Club, Princess Leaha, El Paso, UTEP, dressage, 44 magnum
Favorite Movies Mash, The Alamo, Larry The Cable Guy, Six Feet Under, Little Britain, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Amelie Poulain, Sin City, Star Wars, Star Trek, Rent, Harry Potter, Dirty Harry
Favorite Music The Beatles, Wings, Moody Blues, Doo Wop, Buddy Holly, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, The Dell Vikings, Ozzy Osborne, Joan Baez, Deep Purple, The Who, Queen, The Beach Boys, R. Carlos Naki, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, King Crimson, Arlo Guthrie, Ten Years After, Seals & Crofts, Paul Simon, Spyro Gyra, Bob Marley, Blood Sweat & Tears, EKO Logical, Mannheim Steamroller, Outback, Ray Lynch, Pink Floyd, Santana, Steve Miller Band, U2, The Mamas & the Papas, ELO, Sam Cooke, Ritchie Valens, Dr John, Bob Dylan, John Mayall
Favorite Books Silent Spring, Rachel Carson, Diana Gabaldon, Tony Hillerman, John Muir, Stickeen, Dan Brown and the Da Vinci conspiracy, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Clive Cussler, Douglas Adams, Jane Goodall, Arthur C. Clarke, Heinlein, Vonnegut