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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Wedding Photography
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction CATHERINE: I love photography more than just about anything in the world. When I'm looking through the viewfinder of my Canon 5D, the whole world just melts away. DEANNA: i love taking pictures almost as much as i love raindrops on roses...but funnily enough, i hate whiskers on kittens. and capital letters.
Interests CATHERINE: Photography, ninjas, mojitos, golden late afternoon light, yoga, veganism, equality, the right for anyone to marry regardless of sexual idenity, womens reproductive rights, toast, National Public Radio, robots, rockets, travel to far off lands., DEANNA: taking pictures and designing things, live music, gin n tonics, stealing money from your kid brother, going to movies, stalking rock gods, fonts, developing my own currency, colliding particles
Favorite Movies CATHERINE: Airplane, Slumdog Millionaire, Life is Beautiful, Amelie, Rear Window, The Philadelphia Story, The Brothers Bloom, The Royale Tannenbaums, A Life Aquatic, Office Space., DEANNA: all things coen bros, wes anderson & danny boyle, the princess bride, momento, being john malkovich, the incredibles, the so-so's, meeting people is easy
Favorite Music CATHERINE: Radiohead, The Wedding Present, Clinic, Arcade Fire, Fugazi, Dave Brubeck, Django Reinhart, Talking Heads, PJ Harvey, Jaw Box., DEANNA: radioheadradioheadradiohead, arcade fire, andrew bird, beck, wolf parade, tv on the radio, bjork, rem, chopin, portishead, franz ferdinand, bloc party, pj harvey, calexico, neil finn/crowded hizzouse, the smiths, tchaikovsky (and i didn't need spell check for that one!)
Favorite Books CATHERINE: Lolita, Bridget Jones' Diary, All the Harry Potters, Anything by David Sedaris, The Fountainhead., DEANNA: anything by michael chabon, i know this much is true, the corrections, geek love, pop co, house of mirth, david sedaris & sarah vowell, the namesake, all families are psychotic, horton hears a who