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Gender MALE
Location Minneapolis, MN, United States
Introduction I am concerned with the direction the US is taking. I have lived in the US since 1990 and never afraid as much since the September, 2001 attack by terror plot (government, group ... don't know the fact) on New York and the pentagon. Many innocent people died that day, but, the response was the most foolish American policy ever. Civil liberty curbed, detention without trial became a norm, torture used, dissent voices shot down. Now since 2003, the US is engaging in unlawful war where bound to be losing. My voice may not count but I see no future for American kids who are going to find bankrupt country some day. The reversal policy is urgent.
Interests History of Middle East, liberal democracy, events in Ethiopia and the US.
Favorite Movies Shaw Shank Redemption, The God Father, The Metrics.
Favorite Music Jazz.
Favorite Books Books by Tariq Ali.