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Introduction John Higgs is a naturalized U.S. Citizen who came to the United States from England to enjoy the benefits of living in a free and open capitalist society with a constitution that guarantees certain individual, inalienable rights. His studies and practical experience in survival, self-defense, firearms, and other related subjects span three decades. Since 1990, he has been a part time firearms instructor for fun and profit, but mostly as a way to introduce people to shooting as a wonderful pastime and as a legitimate and viable means of self-defense. He was also certified as a Refuse To Be A Victim instructor in 1998. Many years in the Information Technology industry as a consultant programmer and analyst has prepared him to take a logical approach to the subjects about which he writes. Higgs is a published author: Soldier of Fortune magazine, American Cop, Concealed Carry, Tactical Weapons, and S.W.A.T. magazine. Author of “How to Protect Your Family from a Brutal Home Invasion” (Pub. Delta Media, 2008) “The Street Smart Guide to Bugging Out and Staying Alive” (Pub. Delta Media, 2009) "Dealing With Danger (Pub. 2010 com,