About me

Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Artist
Location St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Introduction Let's see...I did the college degree thing, it was ok. Worked a lot at non-art jobs. Have a home in Missouri. Live with my boyfriend/partner Sean. We've known each other since 1993(he's also my website designer.) I have two dogs, Zoe and Sian, they're sisters. I work on my drawings and digital images, and also try my hand at writing gay themed romance-type sci-fi fantasy...that's a mouth-full. I get in the hot tub almost everyday, yep, even winter. Took second place in the Tom Of Finland 2005 Erotic Artists competition. View Here Without a doubt the crowning achievement to date... ^^ Other than that, I eat, sleep, daydream, try to hang out with friends when I have the time, and make ceramics on occasion. That's about it in a nutshell.
Interests Drawing, digital drawing, sci-fi, outdoors, gardening, cooking, RPG's, World of Warcraft, hot tub'n... ^^
Favorite Movies So many.... but I like good special effects. Fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, scarry stuff. I love Kung Fu Panda!!! I wish I was an animator.
Favorite Music I really love soundtracks. Video game soundtracks mostly. Some are just amazing. Really hooked on the new Battlestar Galactica soundtracks by Bear McCreary---awesome, awesome, awesome! Sunshine is cool, too.
Favorite Books Without doubt.. Tom Bianchi's "The Men I've Loved". Careful... It can be a little tear jerker. Also I read magazines... Instinct, 3D World, Imagine FX, Game Informer...all of those are fun. I like comics for grown-up boys also. Patrick Fillion's work is a favorite of mine. And I love the artwork of Samwise, Doug Alexander and Greg Staples. Hotness!