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Occupation Being AWESOME
Location United States
Introduction haeyyy tharr :D . Im 16 and an amazing person, or so i sometimes think. i live for those little happy moments in life that dont come around too often. Im kinda quite sometimes but it dosent last too long. i think alot. nd another thing is, once im determined to do something, i never give up..unless i wanna:) and i sometimes have lots of random ideasā™„ :D
Interests Music, shopping, skiing, Friends, neon colors, nail polish, shutter shades, Hot Topic, Pac Sun, wet seal, Flat irons, Straighteners, Gel, Eyeliners, Shiny objects, Glowsticks, Ipod, Txting, rain, partying, skinny jeans, bows, robots, dinosaurs, bubbles, zebras, bunnies, raves, strobe lights, making videos, taking pics, summer, winter, snow, killing zombies, stuff, pacman, stupid, explosives, guns, cute little fluffy animals, puppies that fit in purses, rainbow sprinkles, arcades, Running with scissors, dangerousness, jumping on trampolines, spazzing out, being crazy, pretty rainbows, thunder storms, random dancing, sledding down the stairs, balloons, off buttons, things that go BEEP, handcuffs, brass knuckles, facebook, myspace, twitter, fireworks, halloween, RAWRR, youtube, Jeeps, Pickup trucks, black eyeshadow, MAD RAD HURR, your favorite color, the word DISCOMBOBULATED, SUPERCALAFRAGELISTICESPIALADOCIOUS, The chershire cat, Partying like a rockstar, icecream, yerr face, saying Totalleehh RAD, hello kitty, bracelets, music so loud it will make yer head explode!, adorable things, flowers, rainy days, sleeping, the mario mushroom, tatoos, piercings, colorful socks that never match, being happy, loosing track of time, cellular devices, DETERMINATION, starry skies, staying up late, the moon, winning at everything, chocolate chip cookies, rainbow cupcakes, sledding, energy drinks, candy hearts, gloomy bear, snowboarding, hairspray, monsters, quotes, drawing, movies, converse, family, livin life, band-aids, sushi, skateboards, twinkies, emo, scenekids, M&m's, apple, the color pink, colorful post-its, happy faces, british accents, tacos, wildwood nj, fancy big words, did i mention panda bears??
Favorite Music electronic, screamo, death metal, punk rock, rave, hardcore, crunk, techno/screamo, BREATHE CAROLINA
Favorite Books .... i dont read them..lol