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Location Salem, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction I am a full time artist based in Salem, Massachusetts. It is my goal to provide attractive, sometimes thought provoking artwork that is accessible to everyone. I work with my clients to discern what they can afford and make it happen. My art currently centers around vintage VWs, portraits, and nature. The vw association is a direct result of the support the community has given me. Without the Full Moon Bus Club and thesamba.com, I would still be working retail. Ever since I was little, I have drawn portraits of my friends, families and peoples pets. This has developed into a consistent source of work these days... especially the dogs portraits! And Nature. I grew up travelling the western US every summer with my mom, step dad and brother. This left a strong impression in my mind. There is NOTHING as powerful, as huge or as fundamentally important to me as being out in nature. Especially in the really big places of this world. Recently I was lucky enough to visit with friends in Northern California and was able to walk among the largest and some of the oldest living organisms on this planet. To say that changed my view of everything would be an understatement.