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Gender MALE
Industry Real Estate
Occupation bus driver
Location Edoras, Rohan
Introduction Faramir follows me everywhere I go and I basically have to babysit him all the time. He has a sleeping bag under an umbrella on my roof that he sleeps in, and he always drags me on fake treasure hunts. Oh, this is supposed to be about me. Oh, well, whatever.
Interests Making sure Faramir doesn't die, that's more like mandatory than interesting to me, Lord of the Rings, destoying minions of the dark lord, archery, orlando bloom
Favorite Movies LOTR, Elf, The Hitch hikers guide to Gondor
Favorite Music LOTR music, barney sing a long, straight up street gangsta rap yo
Favorite Books LOTR, What to do when your only friends are a man and a dwarf, So you've invested all your money in cheese, How to tie your shoes: for begginers

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Dead Orcs. Lots of dead Orcs.