Dreams of a Country Girl

About me

Industry Education
Location Deep South, United States
Introduction I'm Cat, a.k.a. Country Girl. This is my blog. Welcome to my dreams. I'm a thirty-something wife, mother of three, and drama queen who grew up on a farm in Southern Indiana. I got my roots from the country life but now live in the big city. I have dreams of returning to the farm someday and "living off the land." But don't tell anyone. I hope you enjoy my blog. I post my hardships, embarrassing moments, and photos of my family. I also share my dreams for the country life, but enjoy the conveniences of the city. I've embarrassed myself a lot. I even know the person who wrote the "Happy Birthday" song. I also met Juan Valdez in the elevator! Hopefully you will enjoy my random photos as much as I do. We can laugh, cry, and waste time together -- okay, forget the crying part...we all know I look ugly when I cry.
Interests Some censuring readers will scornfully say why hath this Lady writ her own life? Since none cares to know whose daughter she was or whose wife she is; or how she was bred; or what fortunes she had; or how she lived; or what humor or disposition she was of? I answer that is true; that 'tis to no purpose to the readers; but it is to the authoress; because I write it for my own sake; not theirs. ~Margaret Cavendish in 1655