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Occupation Observing, Participating & Becoming.
Location Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe
Introduction Hello there, Journals of life, passions, pleasures, trials & tribulations - joys, journeys & celebrations by a friendly English Lady living in England. Globe trotting the world in love, vision & spirit. Daughter of the Universe. Slave to creativity, to love, to the kitchen, a passionate Chef de Cuisine :) Home - any place in which all things are created with Love . . Blogging as a daring modality perhaps to share the vision - etch a memory - an echo of love & an imprint of happiness reaching the open hearts on the realms & highways of life. A legacy of Love .. and of course a few home made recipes for your pleasures. Latest instalments of my dabbles into Herbalism :) Welcome.
Interests Family, friends, food, Love, Laughter, Life, Spirituality, Soul, Sacredness, Perspectives, Peace, Passion, Orbic, Ooodles, Love, Transformational Teachings, Oneness, Love, Philosophy, Science, Beings, Metaphysics, Emotional Healing, Herbs, Medicinal Nature, Natural, Naturist, Feelings, Fun, Just Being, Doing, The Moon, bonfires, Synchronicity, words, writing, expression, creativity, infinite love, Poetry, Exotic, sunny days, Sunsets. Sunrise, Sacred, love, Soul, Journeys, Late nights, Late mornings, Star gazing, sky gazing, Photography, Energy medicine, Alchemy, Telepathy, Sublime, consciousness, Writing, Words, Sharing, Caring, Laughing, Loving, Making, Love, Life, Illogical, . . Inspiration, Intuition, Intuitive, . . Intellect, Instinctive, .. Reason, & All Creativity, flows, overflows, seeds, desire, seedlings, awakening, opening, blossom, nature, you, synchronicity, smiling eyes, Basking, Bathing, Snuggling, Sensing, Spirals, Helix, Cascades, Rain, Streams, rivulets, trickles, tickles, maelstrom, vertigo, surrender, Moonshine, Sunshine, Clouds, Cloud Formation, Weather, Ether, Constellations, Cloud Watching, peace, grace, serenity, Oceans, Waterfalls, Seas, Lakes, Nature, Natural, Naturism, Mountains, Walking, Hiking, Live Rock & Blues Music, Reading, Exploring, Discovering, Intelligence, Travelling, Zeitgeist, Harmony, Zdogchen, Wigwams, Forests, Dew, Sunshine, Sizzling heat, water, ice, sand, eyes, trees, mouth, fingers, bare feet, touch, cellular level memory, puppies, border terriers, Every Breath of Life, Sacred dance

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Is Love & kindness the answer, regardless of the question :)