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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation peonic grunt of hopelessness
Location Portland, OR, United States
Introduction astrophysics, evolutionary biology, fiddle, mandolin, Scandinavian roots music, Russian punk, symbolism, magic realism, science fiction, American Constitutional law, philosophy of science, cognitive science, space exploration, surrealism, anarchism, pre-Renaissance music, progressive politics, anti-fascism and much more!
Interests Astrophysics, evolutionary biology, Scandinavian folklore, medieval history, philosophies (of science, mind, politics, law, aesthetics et al, but not really metaphysics or epistemoshite), music (there's only one kind: I don't know what it is), freedom and responsibility, escapism and futurism (also transhumanism), constitutional law, and everything else.
Favorite Movies Top 10? OK (certainly will change): Dr Strangelove, Dead Man, Miller's Crossing, ...And the Mornings Are Quiet Here, 7th Seal, ExistenZ, Addams Family, City of Lost Children, The Name of the Rose (the book really), Master and Margharita (!), Pan's Labyrinth, Rosenkranz and Guildenstern Are Dead, The Virgin Spring...(this list is asymptotic to infinity)
Favorite Music Mostly anything that has a fiddle/a hurdy-gurdy and comes from Fennoscandia; miscellaneous post-rock; the more egregious missteps of disco and prog-rock; Norwegian jazz; Russian punk; early (and earlier); punks without an agenda; goths with a sense of humour; Shostakovich and black metal, for fuck's sake!
Favorite Books Stross, Watts, Sterling, Banks, Reynolds, Egan, Le Guin, Zelazny, Delany, Ellison, Clarke, Tolkien, Moorcock (won't he hate that!), Harrison (both), Cook (Glen), occasional dippy epic fantasies... Ummm...magical realists and Italian and Latin American fabulists usually get me off. Dawkins, Dennett, Stenger, Mayr, Maynard Smith, bloody Bohm-Vitense, Irons: that oughta end the interrogation!