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Location United States
Introduction I'm a Linux advocate who treasures freedom in all aspects of life. I have a passion for the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI). I'm on a mission to prove that the CLI is not difficult and hope to show that anything done in the GUI can also be done in the CLI. It might not be the quickest or simplest way, but it can be done. I'm a desktop guy so I don't deal too much with server administration and developer stuff (though I may touch on such subjects occassionally). This may seem contradictory to some because of my love for the CLI, but I believe the CLI is a great enviroment for a desktop.
Interests Linux, Volleyball, Racketball, Old Time Radio, String Theory
Favorite Movies Matrix, Cinderella Man, AntiTrust, The Lord of the Ring Series, others I can't of now.
Favorite Music Social Distortion, Lenny Kravitz, Dance Hall Crashers, Bach, Beethoven, 50 Cent, Johnny Cash, Fergie, Finger 11, Tons of others.
Favorite Books The Elegant Universe, Harry Potter Series