*CaNdY FiT*

About me

Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction Seven years of inactivity to a passion for fitness, hard training and overall healthy habits. This for many people, including myself, would have thought unimaginable and unattainable by someone like me...someone who loved to eat and never work it off. By doing a complete 180 in less than 1 year, I want to share my experiences about my lifestyle change and how I am able to sustain it day to day - even on the worst of days. By sharing my story, I want to show you that IT IS POSSIBLE for anyone to lead a healthy lifestyle filled with good food and exercise :) My latest goal was to participate in Fitness/Figure Competition - a personal challenge I had given myself to top the CHERRY ON THE CAKE! (Yum!)! I ended up coming in 1st place in the IDFA Figure (Tall) Category! Now, the plan is to continue living by the healthy lifestyle I have chosen to follow. The focus will be on clean eating, building a little bit of muscle and having FUn! And maybe adding another goal while I'm at it ;)