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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation World Coordinator
Location south Burlington, vT
Introduction Born: 7/27/21, Bar Harbor, ME, USA to Meyer & Hilda Davis. Ed: 1932-40: Episcopal Academy, Overbrook, PA; 40/41: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Drama School; 56/60, East-West U. of Brahma Vidya, Bangalore, India, M.A., Geo-dialectics. Professional career: '40/'41: (B'way)"Let's Face It!", '46 (B'way) "Three To Make Ready;" '51 (B'way/Road/London) "Stalag 17." War career: '41-'45: B-17 pilot, 8th AF, 8/24/44, shot down Peenemunde. Interned, Sweden, Escaped. Post-war: Studied causes of war/world law: Einstein, Gandhi, Willkie, Reves. 1947: Renounced U.S. nationality, Paris, became "stateless." Declared self "world citizen." Created WC Id Card. '49 opened Int'l Reg. of WC. Declared World Government: 9/4/53, World Passport: Issued 6/54.'56 traveled to India with WP #00001. Arrived JFK airport 1/9/57 after passing through Pak., Afghan., Iran, Holland. 7 visas on WP. '60 wrote My Country Is The World (Putnam). Updated WP to 5 languages. 6/74 founded World Crt of Hum. Rgts. Opened WSA CH. 7,000 pps issued in 2 years. 1975. new ed. 7 languages; WSA Washington, D.C. office '77 WSA/US becomes World Office.
Interests Theatre, acting, psychology, philosophy, history, writing, geo-dialectics, piano, flying, movies, chess, peace-making, exposing injustice, hypocrisy, stupidity, violence; science-fiction, fantasy, sleeping
Favorite Movies Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Chicago, All Fred Astaire pics, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Gone With The Wind, 2001, Star Wars. Chorus Line, On the Beach, Star Trek
Favorite Music Jazz, Dixieland, Classical, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Debussy
Favorite Books Bhagavad Gita, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Reach of the Mind, Beyond Dispute, Rights of Man (T. Paine), Modern Man In Search of a Soul, The Fountainhead.