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Location Untapped Hip, CA, United States
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Introduction I'm embracing my thirties (that's what I say now that I am officially 31 and not 30, right? That I'm *in* my thirties?), and loving the whole college experience now that I have silver hairs creeping in and enjoy crap like History, and English Masterpieces. My daughter is five, and visually impaired along with being diagnosed with autism late last year. Needless to say - our days our full and curious. I ramble when I can and study when I can't. Catch ya on the blogside!
Interests Watering my soul with wisdom from my child. Being a mother. Reading about <b>and</b> learning how to care for a blind infant. Writing my memoirs. ha.
Favorite Movies Gegen de Wand, Rushmore, Showgirls (oh come on - how can you resist quoting lines like :Im not a whore! Im a dancer!!"), Christopher Guest, Anderson brother, kevin Smith films.... thumbsucker, secretary, amores perros, dreamers
Favorite Music I really do like a wide variety of music, so lets just asses what's on my ipod- THE BLACK KEYS Feist, The Sounds, New Young Pony Club, Hard-Fi, The knife, Talking Heads, Tchaikovsky, Michaelfranti, !!!, Out Hud, Cinematic orchestra, Ben Harper, nina Simone, Etta James, Wire, nuggets, Gang of Four.... the list gos on and on....
Favorite Books Im currently reading far too many books

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

a cassette tape