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Location Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
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Introduction I just completed a PhD concerning our imaginative relationship with everyday sounds. This means I spent 3 years at Oxford Brookes University exploring in many creative ways how I could use the sounds of everyday life as a creative and expressive material. I am especially interested in taking everyday things - recipes, shopping lists, wallpaper, gardening, cooking, etc. - and using these situations and materials as contexts for making and experiencing Art. I do not think creative/imaginative/cultural experiences should be limited to Museums, Galleries and Concert Halls; sometimes an expressive idea requires an unofficial context to be heard or seen in its best light. Sometimes the best symphony is heard in the kitchen pot, and the best colours are found in the laundry basket. I like working with sounds because they evidence the actual time in which life is lived. A photograph can contain only a tiny flicker of a moment, but recorded sound contains the background noises in minutes, hours and seconds. And those background sounds evidence this life that we are living which - in the words of John Cage - "is so excellent."
Interests listening, knitting, baking, gardening, home-improvements, outdoors, birds, accordions, old biscuit tins, bakeware, bricks, beans, wheatpaste, wool, sheep, sticks, making money as an artist, dreaming up ultimate gardens, feminism, Gill Sans, letterpress, paper, physicality, sounds.
Favorite Movies Vera Drake - the soundtrack is incredible for the way that it describes, so understatedly, the cramped and sparsely furnished nature of the rooms which the characters live in.
Favorite Music The dishwasher turning on and the thunk when the tablet is spat out of its compartment into the main body of the machine; Birdsong - especially the pigeon who coos on the chimney and the blackbird who sings at 3am in the early spring; My partner sleeping; Fireworks on bonfire night; The crackle of a good fire; James Wyness's Figure and Ground CD; The Breadwinner, by Jason Lescaleet and Graham Lambkin.