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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Consultant
Location Waianae, Hawaii, United States
Introduction Noah Bawdy™. The man. The myth. The legend. International man of mystery. Who is he ? Where did he come from ? Where is he going ? What does he want ? Why is he here ? When will he leave ? Who cares ? The content of this Blog is whatever catches my eye. My big blue eye. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious. Like it ? Don't like it ? Don't care ? Doesn't matter to me. But leave a comment anyways. Oh, and check out the archives. Lots of stuph there too. CYA !
Interests Boating, Water Skiing, Music, Fishing, Kewl Kartoons, Movies, Dancing, Camping, NCIS, House, Girls
Favorite Movies Alien, The Blues Brothers, The Game, Heathers, Hustler 17 (because the first sixteen left so many unanswered questions), Interview With The Vampire, Little Miss Curious, The Lord Of The Rings (All Four), Neon Nights, Spiderman 1 & 2, Even-Numbered Star Trek Movies, Stripes, True Lies, True Romance, Vacation, Young Frankenstein, 50 First Dates
Favorite Music Tori Amos, Areosmith, Artificial Joy Club, Bauhaus, Belly, Boomtown Rats, The Breeders, The Buggles, The Cars, The Church, Concrete Blonde, The Cranberries, Dread Zeppelin, Dynamix II, Elastica, Front 242, Killing Joke, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin, Peter Murphey, New Order, Offspring, Queensryche, Throwing Muses, Van Halen, The Who, Yes, Frank Zappa
Favorite Books All of Ayn Rand, All of Anne Rice, Isaac Asimov's I Robot/Empire/Foundation Series, Larry Niven's Known Space/Ringworld Series, Dr. Laura's Series, The Day The Sun Stood Still, Ever Ride A Dinosaur, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Series.