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Gender MALE
Occupation Registered Nurse
Location Newcastle, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I am your typical boring guy. Into physical fitness and very health conscious. Good dad and husband. I love hockey, TV and computer geek stuff. My newest interest, canoeing and backpacking.
Interests canoeing, backpacking, running, marathon, half marathon, training, weights, Algonquin, my wife/kids and they are all much cooler then me, I like TV alot...in fact the old PVR gets a real workout at our house, Hockey is a big part of my life and being from southern Ontario I am of course...a, Leafs Fan! (But I am not one of those old rocker/skid guys, I just like the team)
Favorite Movies Hunt for Red October, Usual Suspects, American Beauty, Zero Day, Pulp fiction, Bowling for colubine, most documenterys
Favorite Music Ween, John Lennon, Pearl Jam, Bare naked ladies, Puddle of mud, eminem and all of the Beatles
Favorite Books I enjoy biographies, outdoor and canoeing books, Harry potter, George Orwell

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

It will commemorate my Leafs winning the Stanley Cup and will be made out of the dust that has collected in the Buds trophy case since 1967.