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Occupation activist, artist, revolutionary, thinker, doer, living out loud and enjoying the ride.
Location br))kLyn, New York, United States
Introduction I speak only for myself. This is my diary. I make it public because it is a gift of modern technology. Women, people rich and poor, from every country and of every age, shape, and color are free to share in this bloggersphere...So I may find the beginnings of a division-less community here. We are formed of ancient wisdom ~ we must share in our stories ~ It is an honor to be a storyteller. I feel blessed for my voice and for the ability to participate with as much honesty as I can in the human chorus. I listen and I love, love the sounds we soul dances in your shadows and in the morning light. Blessed is love and our ability to absorb and perpetuate it. May strength come to our grassroots ability to share beyond the censorship of the 'uncensored' propaganda. The world is not free and it is in much need. It is both our mother and our father, it is our future, and our here and now. So I dedicate my life to its preservation. To the many dances in the fire's light* those rising, let us rise some more*
Interests Using the time I have, in the body I have, to the best of my abilities. Being in the ocean, knowing that slow is beautiful yet the time is now. Dancing and dancing some more, taking photos, writing, being involved, rising to the occasion of feeling at ease each night when I lay my head to rest. Actualizing Dreams.
Favorite Movies Still Black, Baraka, Method in the Mountains, Ironed Jaw Angels, The Butterfly and the Diving Bell, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, The Science of Sleep.
Favorite Music Nadine Khouri, Bora Yoon, Climbing PoeTree, Ani Difranco, Rickie Lee Jones.
Favorite Books We Are Never The Same Person Twice by Me, A Bridge Between Two Worlds, Walking the Razor's Edge. There are so many millions of books I love. I read a lot. Magazines also for the short and sweet moments.

Create a tagline for a new line of plastic bedsheets.

I'd rather sleep naked on the floor than on plastic bed sheets - barefoot and connected to the pulse of Mama Earth. If they were PVC though, I might be down.