Meowmix Chatul

About me

Industry Agriculture
Occupation snowstomper
Location Walkabout, occasionally near Sydney, Australia
Introduction I have it really easy as a snowstomper in Australia for the clear fact that, well, we don't have snow all that often. So I really like living Australia, because my cousin Avi jokes around that Australians really wouldn't get very far in the world if we didn't have cute but more or less useless animals all over the land. I'm paritcularly fond of those kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas that he thinks help us to win international favor. Of course, in yeshiva, there was the Australian contingent, the South African contingent, the Brits, the Americans, the French, and the others... We all know of course, that Aussies are better than anyone from SA and that of course coming from the Southern Hemisphere we are by far cooler than any of y'all nutso Northerners. Oh yeah- word of warning, I have a cat who periodically posts to the blog. I have membership in the meerkat mob. I like alliteration and Latin - alia iacta est. Oh, and I miss France, but nothing can be done about that. Lastly, you can visit my friends yetispotter and yetithink or yethink, precision-blogger, and matlabfreak also on
Interests limudei hakodesh, science, literature, medicine, law, life... understanding oneself and one's mind and the depth of being... and understanding, too, then humanity and all that HaBorei made.
Favorite Movies They don't let cats into movie theaters.
Favorite Music Meowing, of course.
Favorite Books Cotton and Wilkinson _Advanced Inorganic Chemistry_ has the softest pages to sleep on... only rivalled by Szabo and Ostlund's _Modern Quantum Chemistry_ perhaps the Sears's _The Baby Book has some pile to it and maybe if we're going that far the Uta Frith book on _Autism_ is also nice... _A Raisin in the Sun_ Lorraine Hansberry. best most recent book: _Four Sisters of Hofei_ by Annping Chin. _The Lives of a Cell_ by Lewis Thomas. _Persuasion_ by Jane Austen. _All's Well That Ends Well_ by Wllm Shakespeare.

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

flexibility. don't like gaining weight and like to dance and stretch out my hindpaws a bit. You never know what new adventure will come up.