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Industry Education
Occupation Applied Behavior Analyst
Location Atlanta / New York, Georgia New York, United States
Introduction Chey is having a fabulous second life, thank you very much. She is owner of Flights of Fancy Creations, where you can find things you want and things you need. She can usually be found with her over-the-top partner Sweetie on their sim Whimsy, a tropical archipelago with an active volcano and a kickass steam train-- or perhaps on Whimsy Kaboom at the robot sanatorium, home to the many mentally malfunctioning mechanoids of the Metaverse.
Interests Travel and adventure, good films and theater, fine vintage machinery, reading, even TV on occasion. I appreciate a finely polished and absurdist sense of humor. Hypocrites need not apply.
Favorite Movies Casablanca, To Have and Have Not, The Maltese Falcon (can you tell I like noir?), the first Star Wars, The Bicycle Thief, Nights of Cabiria, Orphans of the Storm, A Clockwork Orange (although too gritty to watch again), Dr. Strangelove, Schindler's List, It Happened One Night, Kikujiro, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?, The African Queen, Sahara (Bogie!), Blazing Saddles, Some Like It Hot, Rashomon
Favorite Music Baroque- especially J.S. Bach, Strauss, early non-electric blues and roots, doo-wop, British Invasion, folk, classic rock, singer-songwriter material. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Zeppelin, Allman Brothers Band, Dylan, Grateful Dead, Janis (Ian and Joplin), Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Townes van Zandt, Steve Earle.
Favorite Books As a child Robert A. Heinlein's unfortunately named "juveniles" and Ray Bradbury's lyrical and evocative prose. Hard-boiled detectives, and for fiber, the occasional classic. Like P.G. Wodehouse, George MacDonald Fraser, Marcia Mullins, Stephen King (even though I tried not to), Tony Hillerman. Catch-22 informed my life.

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