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Gender MALE
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I am a 28 year old sir who enjoys pretty much all aspects of life. I have seen many ups and downs in my 28 years including 3 children from 3 different women and plenty of turmoil, judgement and overall bad experiences from being responsible and dealing with the every day adventures that comes with being a young single/not single father. Some of the things I've seen are quite funny and could happen to others, and some are down right pathetic and could only happen to me. I have 4 close friends who comprise our tight knit group. Marcus, Dave, Pat and Cory. They will be featured in many of these stories and have helped me through many tough times. Regardless of what's happened, I'm a better person because of it and this site will allow me to express some of these encounters with all y'all! Feel free to laugh at me OR with me, whatever’s better for you. Enjoy! -Paul