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Gender Male
Location Iowa, United States
Introduction Founding member of the Brotherhood of Bad Movies, staff writer on the Tomb of Anubis for several years, the reviewing bug won't stop biting me. Since I have no web design skills or desire to pay for a domain that I can't make worth looking at anyway, I figure I'll stick to publishing the words for free. If you like it, shoot me an e-mail. If you want to pay me for it, even better.
Interests You've read the articles, and you need to look here to figure that out?
Favorite Movies Jaws, Hellboy, Wild Zero, Gojira, Wicker Man, Alien, John Carpenter's The Thing, Evil Dead, Re-Animator, etc. You get the idea.
Favorite Music Metal. And a Canadian folk band called Tanglefoot. But mostly metal.
Favorite Books The Song of Ice and Fire series, the Necroscope series, anything Doctor Who, Titus Crow, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, anything H.P. Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard. Any trashy pulp horror novel you care to put in front of me. Or books on theoretical physics and zoology.