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Occupation Psychiatric Crisis Worker
Location United States
Introduction I am a self proclaimed hillbilly with an attitude problem and some book learning. I believe that a healthy dose of sarcasm and hot fudge makes everything tolerable. Just your average pudgy girl trying to get skinny and remain non-homicidal in the face of jackassery. Come join me as I mock just about everything, especially myself.
Interests Reading, watching movies, playing with my dogs, lying on the beach with a cold beer and wishing I could swim so I could jump in the ocean but then jumping in anyway but not going in very far. Because that would be stupid.
Favorite Movies I love horror movies. The cheesier, the better. Fun Fact: I can watch someone get hacked up with a chainsaw but have to cover my eyes if they show someone sticking a needle in their veins. Or if there is a spider. Ick.
Favorite Music Anything that moves me. That excludes anything that moves me to dance, as I have no rhythm and hate subjecting myself to unnecessary humiliation.
Favorite Books I'll read just about anything. Check me out at: