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Introduction We created this blog to expose all of those individuals in the therapeutical professions who fraudently claim to have earned a doctorate. Anybody who claims to have a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, or anything similar, or that includes the word, "Transpersonal," is a sham. This also includes individuals who claim to have a PhD, but will not tell you in what or from where. There are also individuals who will tell you that they have earned an "unaccredited degree," which is the same as NO DEGREE. Do not trust them, do not go to them, do not give them your money. They are lying to you from the start. If they have to LIE about their credentials, then they are lying about being able to help you. In the case of hypnotists, academic credentials are not necessary. However, when they wrongly claim have earned a doctoral degree when they haven't -that should raise RED flags indicating that something is clearly wrong. If your provider claims to have certain academic credentials, ALWAYS verify them first before giving them your valuable cash. One excellent source to verify schools and accrediting institutions is