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Introduction Drawing & painting have been part of my life forever. My first art memory was dreadful. Given finger paints & specific instructions about what to draw, I became taken with how my fingers made wonderful designs on the paper. I forgot the instructions & when it was my turn to show my work, it was torn up, as an example of not following instruction. The designs I produced were beautiful! That experience is the hallmark of my life & I have “not followed instruction” ever since. I started college in Seattle as an art major, but quit to work. This detour & others lasted for years. I finally graduated with a degree in business. When my hubby & I moved back to Dallas, we found a home with a studio attached. The realtor informed me that we could probably use it for a workshop. I began to dig out old supplies & purchase new. The first paintings were pretty dismal but the feeling was euphoric. The rest is history. I love the interplay of light and dark, bright colors.
Interests Art, travel, music, cooking
Favorite Movies Nite Mother, Raging Bull, The Breakfast Club
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Queen, and most Jazz
Favorite Books Atlas Shrugged, anything by Diana Gabaldon, or Mauve Binchy