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Introduction Whodaman? Well, we've got five of them actually. So if these Boys won't quit playin' games with your heart, then you found the right place. We don't know the Boys personally, but we know they have a great sense of humor, and here at The Backstreet Noise Project, we believe that a good laugh is an extension of the Backstreet Theory that a good pop song can make everything right. (Thanks Kevin!) What we don't believe in: *Bashing the Boys, the wives, the girlfriends, or each other. If you have a problem drawing the line between humor and hate, we won't hesitate to help you find it. *Negativity. Don't test us: this is NOT the place to bring your forum arguments, or to troll. You wanna troll and pick fights, we suggest you look into World of Warcraft with Nick. *Posers. We don't know the Boys, neither do you. If we did, would we be sitting here? *Releasing Fan Club info. We won't be discussing it, posting it, but we will be laughing about it. Just not publicly, because who wants to lose their membership? None of us! *Leaks of Fan Club material, songs, videos, etc., won't be tolerated. It's copyrighted, folks. Let's keep it legal. Lots of love to Kel of KC Graphics for our banner!