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Gender Female
Location North London
Introduction I follow the way of the Bohemians. I seek, go deep and sometimes have to come up for air. I love to laugh! My little boy makes me laugh all the time, so does my hubby. We are a family who love to snuggle, play and be silly. We are conscious parents who read the Tao, live by the elements and love the wild. We know our child...every child has deep knowledge, wisdom, and we respect their voice. We are mindful and present with our spirited boy Solstice, allowing him to explore but also to know boundaries. I am a healer, a shaman, a dancer, a lover, a meditation teacher, a Reiki Master, a jewelery maker who used to be an actor. (Actress) Much prefer Actor! I love nature, horses, archery, India, Buddhism, Portobello Market, reading, music, candles, good food, cottages, carboot sales, listening to Hubby play the guitar, vintage cars and spending each and every day looking after my boy, my hubby, our home, my business and my soul...nurturing the root. My blog is about all of this. My adventures, discoveries and my teachers...the most amazing one yet being my little boy, Solstice. So come into my tipi! Sit and warm your hands by the fire & let me pour you a hot herbal...

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

hmmmmm...good question!