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Introduction Hope you enjoy the blog please feel free to suggest a topic for us to write about or maybe you have an opinion about a real or made up issue that you we could play tennis with. Ver Cleva! That’s a Fred Perry quote.
Interests dReAMing,, iS a sPacE fOr siLLy, MaDe Up sToRiEs, AnD sHorTs, nO TrOuSeRs, wHiCh Will hoPeFuLLy AmuSe yOu, SanD ProVide yOu, wItH aN eScApe FrOm tHe CoNStrAinT, tHAT grAvIty, wHat iS thIs GraViTy anYwAy, hOldS upOn ThE eArTh, pLeaSe WhIlst eXplOrinG thIs Blog, rEmEmbEr tO flOaT up ToWn tO tHe mOon, jUst waTch Out, yOur hEad DOesN’t eXplOde, oR aT lEaSt hAve sOme scReeN wiPe, saFely, oN sTandBy, FeeL Free, mEssAge uS aNy idEas, yOu miGht liKe tUrnEd intO a stOry, Or anY tOpics yOu aRe inTerEsTed abOut, bEliefS yOu haVe, oR yoUr owN uNdeRstAndinGs, Of the wOrld, if yOu wOuld liKe To reAd SomEone elSe’s opiniOn, wEll wRite sOmethiNg baCk, shiNe On, Shhh..., Hair, It’s a seCret., P.S If yOu Own yOur own spAcesHip, and haVe spAre sEats, We iS weLL up fOr a Ride, wE dOn’t Own anY pEts, ApArt FrOm SoMe PeNgUiNs, wE smOke bUt Can quiT anytimE, wE alsO makE meAn cuPs of tEE. FrIeNdLy, RoLLing.

Santa where are you?