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Introduction Light takes forever to reach Earth, you know. It travels over millions and millions of miles to get to the rock that we call home. And when it reaches us, it reaches warped, changed. Similar to that is the last bench, a place found everywhere across the world. Sometimes it is empty, indicating a environment of either peaceful agreement, or of mindless aversion to disagreement. Sometimes it is bursting to the full, colouring the world with its individuality, or threatening to push it over the precipice to total anarchy. The last bench is a place of solitude; where everything is warped and quirky, because whatever reaches it, was shaped by those before it. What The Last Bench seeks to do is to make sense of all that it sees and offer it own thoughts on it. But since there is nobody behind the last bench, its view are too often ignored and forgotten So here is a blog that tries to pick up the pieces left behind, and make sense of it all.