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Location United States
Introduction I am whatever I say I am when I say I ... you know what? Let's eschew the usual pseudo-clever wankery and just get down to the bone. Who am I? I am Chinedum Ofoegbu: intelligent being, neophiliac, would-be web presence, future writer and all-round cool guy. Why am I here? Why are you here? >8^) Alright, alright, the current mission statement is to establish a digital beachhead, a personal signal minus noise zone. If you’re looking for misanthropy, profanity and general hatery, by all means go to my livejournal blog. Here, you will only run into my best foot. Content includes fiction I’m working on, fiction reviews, links you might find interesting and general thoughts on our collective lunge into the future. Why Variable Gravitas Content? Ah, that is for a certain segment of my hopefully soon-to-be-existent audience. They know who they are. To conclude, this blog is the ongoing process of me. You’re all invited.
Interests accidental art, ai, biomimetics, charles stross, death, dna computing, elizabeth bear, getting away with it, hannibal tabu, hideo kojima, html, iain m. banks, intelligent action movies, lil' jon, neophilia, nigeria, pain-suppression, people who know things that i don't, peter watts, receiving rather than giving, science fiction, the female mind, the singularity, ubiquitous computing, wole soyinka, writing fiction (science and otherwise)
Favorite Movies almost anything john woo, being john malkovich, desperate measures, dogma, face/off, fight club, get carter, grindhouse (specifically death proof), jay and silent bob strike back, nothing to lose, pirates of the caribbean (all three), predator, seven, t2: judgment day, the lord of the rings (all of them), the matrix, the siege, three kings
Favorite Music No point answering. Once a philistine, always a philistine. Besides, the list is too long anyway.
Favorite Books altered carbon, blindsight, broken angels, woken furies, chapterhouse dune, desperation, dune, shogun by james clavell, maelstrom, planetary by warren ellis, the butcher's theater, the cassini division, the crown by hannibal tabu, the day of the jackal, the dogs of war, the fight by norman mailer, the invisibles by grant morrison, the matarese circle by robert ludlum, the player of games by iain m. banks, v for vendetta by alan moore, wild seed by octavia butler, we3 by grant morrison

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