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Gender MALE
Occupation Disabled (Retail Management)
Location Mississippi, United States
Introduction I enjoy outdoor activities and all my hobbies have revolved around being outdoors. Cycling, photography fishing, hunting, hiking, and simply going for walks. No matter my activity, what I was really doing was just being outdoors. Since late 2008, I have developed disabilities. Currently they call what I have Spastic Paraplegia and a whole host of other problems. Being limited in abilities, changes what you can do and therefore over time changes your interests. I am the typical southerner in many ways. I am a Christian (go to a Southern Baptist Church), conservative in politics (but disappointed in most of the current Republicans). Many people who are the "Cool Ones of Today" would be horrified by my believes. I eat meat! I believe in "Practical" environmentalism, Capitalism, and limited government. I even believe in conservative but practical dress. Sorry. Not a Hipster, not even a Hippie. I am afraid I have become what the kids would call a boring old man!
Interests Cycling, (Currently incapable to participate in myself but I have not sold or gave away my bikes yet- still hoping), wildlife photography, outdoors activities, Neurological conditions