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Occupation Problem Solver
Location Midwest, United States
Introduction Capricorn. Knitter. Seamstress. Make-up Addict. Runner. SAHM of three beautiful beings, Elf (1/01) and Taz (5/04), and Xena (2/08). Married to best friend, Brew Guy, since 1995. Cautiously optimistic. Control freak learning to let go. Math geek. Movie lover. Tattooed, Pierced, Manic Panicked, Suburban PTA Mom.

Lionesses have no manes. How do they know when they've grown up?

They just know. Like human women, as they mature their sense of responsibility and their awareness that their cubs and pride depend on them tell them they are grown. They need no outward sign.** Females are cool that way. (** I have absolutely no scientific basis on which to base this theory. But it sounds good - at least to me.)