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Introduction I do not hate men. I LOVE men. I love their smell, the handiness and their presents. What I hate are the 40 million single 30-45 year old women whining about why they can't get a "good man" and how they are always slighted by them. Most Men are good, wholesome and want the same things as you... If you let them
Interests Enlightening women as to why men treat them like shit, how to marry and/or date at LEAST at your level.. and the smirk men have when you talk about equality
Favorite Books The one I just read by a man who brags about being a shit head to every woman he has ever known and how his opinion that all women "suck" (Literally) allows these same women to be treated like the shit they allowed him

Who in the fuck inserted " and he will never open your door pay for your meal and treat you like a lady PLUS he can get all the pussy he wants and you have to be a whore" Into EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK". Guess who. men.