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Gender MALE
Location Shizuoka, Japan
Introduction haikyo,vintage photo,old fxxk...
Interests harley, metal, black metal, vintage, bag, vintage bag, dark ambient, military, army, primitive art, art, Illustration, war, horror, skull, Depressive black, horror, movies, boots, redwing, wesco, photograph, vintage photograph, ruins, haikyo, 廃墟, 写真, 工場, アート
Favorite Movies Apocalypse Now, The Thin Red Line, Hostel, Saw, descent, Taxi Driver, Collateral, Heat, The Exorcist, No Country for Old Men, American History X, Millennium, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes, Haute Tension, Underworld
Favorite Music dissection, trist, hate forest, xasthur, deathspell omega, burzum, slipknot, isis, mutiilation, immortal, mayhem, darkthrone, vlad tepes, emperor, austere, gorgoroth, satanic warmaster, sortsind, kristallnacht, darkspace, les legions noire, black murder, thunderbolt, nachtmystium, kataxu, lunar aurora, paysage d'hiver, hypothermia, velvet cacoon, procer veneficus, neige et noirceur, spectral lore, in the woods, drudkh, weakling, dark funeral, thy primordial, funeral mist, vinterriket, life is Pain
Favorite Books cycle heads, free&easy