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Gender Female
Location Audubon, PA, United States
Introduction Hi!
Interests Eating, sleeping, walking, talking, listening, dancing, singing, playing music, playing online, playing in general, beautiful skies, beautiful art, beautiful people (on the inside)...
Favorite Movies French Kiss (Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline), Liar Liar (I laugh every time), It's a Wonderful Life (of course), Dance With Me, White Nights...
Favorite Music It depends on what's on the radio (or if I've got Pandora on).
Favorite Books The Bible.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

1. I made a love potion? Does it work? 2. If I made a love potion, it would NOT taste terrible. 3. Regardless of how it tastes, if it's a love potion and it works, I would SLAM it! : ) xo (Oooo it worked!)