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Location Newport, RI, United States
Introduction With every interaction we share with others, we must remember, we have a choice… Will we bring PEACE or pain to that encounter? Bring PEACE not Pain TM is devoted to helping promote peace, beginning with inner peace, extending to relationships both personal and global. The more we share with each other our stories…our pains and our passions, our challenges and our conquests, our hopes and our hang-ups…the more we begin to find comfort in our similarities and understanding in our differences. So please ..write and read...thank you, Suzi
Interests First a disclaimer…. I could list volumes of who I am not, I am not a scholar, a monk, a teacher or a doctor, I haven’t overcome any major obstacles in my life nor have I achieved anything worthy of great accolades. I am just an ordinary person, one who has been blessed by a most fortune and relatively easy life. I have been married for 24 years, have 3 amazing children (that are children only in their relationship to my husband and I). Professionally, I am the President of Capitol Realty Co in Newport RI and for the past ten years have maintained a small Life Coach practice. I have always been an active member of our community, from holding political office to supporting and working with many local non-profit institutions and organizations. My passions include painting, films and learning of other peoples stories. The one thing a tad different about me from most people is that has from time to time I hear from a spiritual presence that gives me very specific messages requiring me to act. These writings are the latest request, telling me to start writing and speaking…the subject “Bring Peace not Pain”.So the journey has begun thanks for your part. xoSuzi