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Occupation Pricing Associate
Location Philafelphia, Pennsylvaina, United States
Introduction There's not a whole lot to say. I'm Corrie. I'm 23. Coffee, cigarettes and books are my drugs of choice. I am blessed with an amazing family, both blood and not, who support me no matter what shenanigans I pull. I work at PETsMART.. I am a closet romantic. I am a major thrift store/yard sale/farmers market junkie. I am very lucky to be alive and have no intention of wasting it.
Interests My Family, Coffee, Music - any and all kinds, Reading - anthing i can get my hands on, doodling/sketching/painting, Driving, Baking
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, All Tim Burton, All Hayo Miyazaki, All Christopher Guest, All John Cusack, All Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I Am Sam, Milk, Hard Candy, Eagle Vs. Shark, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Little Shop of Horrors, Chicago, Garden State, Love Actually, Speak, Star Wars (The Origionals, not that crappy new shit), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Waterworld, Mozart and the Whale, Snatch, The Boondock Saints.
Favorite Music Emmure, A Day to Remember, Magnified Plaid, The Postal Service, Stavesacre, Flogging Molly, David Bowie, Mamas and the Poppas, The Smothers Brothers, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Danny Elfman, Justin D. Gonzalez, Julia Nunes, Bill Frisell...way too many too list them all, so I just named a few from each genre.
Favorite Books All Stephen King, All Ted Dekker, The Princess Bride, The Black Tattoo, Wuthering Heights, Beowolf, All Nora Robers, Ender's Gane, All Orson Scott Card, Howl's Moving Castle, All Scott Westerfield, All Edgar Allen Poe, All Jodi Piccoult...Pretty much anything eith words.