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Introduction Often we see specifications that call for an epoxy flooring Sydney and cove base. Most specifications will detail the garage epoxy floors in Sydney, application procedures and application thickness. Unfortunately many specifications will not detail what is required for a cove base. There are numerous options for cove base and when left open to interpretation can cause confusion and you as a customer not getting what you were expecting. One type of cove base is just a “painted-on” epoxy base. The only real purpose of this is for aesthetics. When you want your accent cove to match the floor this is the type of cove base you would specify. We do not consider this a real cove base and always try to clarify if this is type of cove base someone is expecting. The most popular style of cove base is one that I refer to as a “standard radius” cove. This is usually applied at 4” in height and approximately 1/8” in depth. It will be hand troweled along the wall creating a radius between the floor and the wall.