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Gender MALE
Occupation Professional Couch Potato (Recliner actually)
Location Central Oregon
Introduction I'm an over-the-hill, fat, balding guy - formerly a long-haired hippie freak, surfer dude, low-rider, guitar and bass playing band member who grew up in Southern California in the 50's when it was still an uncrowded nice place. My friends and I used to carry our rifles and shotguns down the street in broad daylight as we headed for the hills to go rabbit hunting and nobody gave it a second thought - my how times have changed. (I wouldn't think of shooting a rabbit or anything else anymore - I like alive things much more). Now I'm disabled from of a host of maladies that I won't bore you with. I've enjoyed the beauty of nature since I was a youngster, so now I enjoy: photography, and funny stuff, digital art, and funny stuff, flowers, and funny stuff, art, and funny stuff, and ,oh yeah - funny stuff :-} That about sums it up for me. OregonArtGuy
Interests Waking up with a pulse
Favorite Movies Has to be, "Uncle Buck", or maybe, "What about Bob?", or, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", or maybe, "Funny Farm", . I think, "Princess Bride", has to be in there somewhere - "My name is Indigo Montoya - you killed my father - prepare to die". OK, thats enough