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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Aeronautical Technical Writer
Location Ohio, United States
Introduction I began playing WoW at Burning Crusade release. My main toon for a long time was a Night Elf Hunter. After learning of the AIE guild on the Earthen Ring server, I decided to roll a Horde Hunter there and see what that guild was like. Tyberiuss is that Hunter's name and these are his tales! My primary audience is my Mom, family, and friends. I have fun writing to them here, and have no desire to be a well known blogger. I am a 87-91 USAF Gulf War veteran.
Interests Build and fly remote controlled (RC) model aircraft. RC club duties involving newsletter - webpage - combat - and night flying. I also enjoy Habitat for Humanity volunteer work.
Favorite Movies anything Star Trek, Lord of the Rings