P. A. Chapeau

About me

Introduction If you found this blog chances are you realized something wasn't adding up. Somewhere down the path of lies you’ve been fed since birth you blinked and were left with the nagging feeling you had been tricked. Your instincts were right. Things aren't adding up. The world isn’t what you believed it to be. Many of us have lost faith in our institutions. Even Science, the unshakable God of impartiality, has long since been corrupted by the dark forces, its numbers twisted and manipulated until no-one knew what their true meanings were. We are flies trapped in a digitized web of lies but who are the arachnids? They are everyone and no one. They are the voices telling you not to worry. They are your mother trying to lull you back to sleep after you encountered the boogeyman. But somewhere deep inside you know that what you saw in that millisecond when you blinked is real. And it's that knowledge that brought you here. Now you can either close your eyes and go back to sleep or put on your tinfoil hat and dig deep into the world of conspiracies. Paranoia is a good thing. It keeps you alive.