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Introduction I was born in Melbourne, Australia, at a very early age. In my youth, I was a draft resister and anti-war activist against the American War in Viet Nam, and Australia's participation in it. I 'dropped out' of a teacher training course to work full-time against the war and for peace, a life-changing decision. In 1996, I came to Viet Nam on an adventure holiday with Intrepid Travel company, which became another life-changing event. I found my new home here in Viet Nam, and have worked as a tour group leader ever since, travelling up and down this amazing and beautiful country. In Viet Nam, even my name changed to "Lemon Juice" Bruce, but really I am still the same Bruce McPhie. If there is indeed reincarnation, maybe I was a Vietnamese in a former life! What an inspiring country this is. The anti-Viet Nam propaganda and misinformation of the past sometimes continues today. It is not easy to clear the mind of a lifetime of this, but when you discover the true magic of Viet Nam you are richly rewarded, enlightened, and understand the world in a whole new way. As I say: "Come to Viet Nam, and visit the world!"