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Occupation au pair
Location California, United States
Introduction I’m a 20-something Californian with a pinch of Cajun, Italian heritage and a love affair with France. I've embraced the facts that life is short, good friends are invaluable and everything taste better with Heinz57. Once upon a January 2010 ago, I decided to use the Quarter Life Crisis Excuse and gave up my comfortable California life for some adventure; for my infatuation with travel; for a year abroad in a country that welcomes baguettes, cheese and Nutella; I left for France. But here's the catch: Without French citizenship, a French husband, a French job offer or being monetarily wealthy, my options for living in France were limited. Cue the calling for Au Pairs. I envisioned Mary Poppins, afternoons in the park and the comeback of High Buttoned Black Boots. And it's well, nothing like that at all. Join my adventures as I try to summon a little resilience, maintain my balance and practice a bit of patience in my new job: caring for French children. When that doesn't work, we'll submit to the cliches of French life with our glass half full (of a full bodied Merlot) and delight in the beauty of life's imperfections.
Interests Friends, travel, Saturday mornings, bubble baths, wine, baking, summer nights, pedicures, kisses on the forehead, naps. ballet, inside jokes, taking pictures, sunrises, neuropsychology, renting movies, learning, passion, intelligent people, starbucks, good conversation, laughing, jogging on the beach, sarcasm, movies in bed, movies in the theaters, theme-parties, moon shoes, hula hoops, being a tourist, being a local, trust, Europe, San Francisco, road trips, bubble baths, short jokes, chewable vitamins, SATC, the rain, Encinitas, relaxing, inspriation, reading, smiling, Nintendo.
Favorite Movies A League of Their Own, 2 Days in Paris, 500 Days of Summer, While You Were Sleeping, 2 Weeks Notice, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Love Actually, Ace Ventura 1 and 2, Airplane, Darjeeling Limited
Favorite Music Music that doesn't suck.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

Cover myself in marshmallow fluff and stale licorice!