About me

Industry Transportation
Occupation Software Engineer
Location Happy Larry-ville, United States
Introduction 2006 - I'm proud to say I'm conservative, a genuine red-headed stepchild, and Southern by the Grace of G-d. I mostly work from home*, so I'm probably in my PJ's right now. Rowr, big boy!

2008 - *ZOMG, I signed on as an actual salaried employee at an actual company again, 401k and all, so now I'm back to being a Corporate Tool. I can haz nylons?

2010 - And I just got MARRIED! Woohoo!!!!1!

2012 - My company got bought out by a mega-uber-company, so it's back to contracting I go.
Interests Seeding the lawn, watering the lawn, inveigling unsuspecting passers-by into mowing the lawn, yelling at miscreant kids to get off the lawn, Crafts
Favorite Music Everything except rap - if I wanted to listen to tuneless chanting I would record myself singing in the shower
Favorite Books I read at just under the speed of light so it's a long list but some of my favorites over the years are:, Magnificent Obsession, The Man Who Was Magic, The Gulag Archipelago, Go Dog Go, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Tom Sawyer, The Prince, ...and about a bazillion other books.

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

When it's on the half-shell, of course!