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Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation CEO
Location Bombay/Mumbai, India
Introduction I'm the founder of an Internet ecommerce & media company based out of Bombay, India. I was born in India but was shipped abroad with my parents; and after having lived in several countries, I returned (alone without my parents) in 1989 to make Bombay my new home. The India I was born in and spent my twenties in was full of shortages: no phones, no flights, no bars and even no women (I mean in bars :) ). Till not too long ago one couldn't get a phone line, I paid Rs. 30,000 ($700) for my landline at home; and if one had to make an overseas call one had to book an "Urgent" call through the operator, which came in 4 hrs for 3 minutes! Don't even ask how long a "regular" call took. India now is a changed place, full of opportunity and abundance. Phones, finance, housing, jobs, bars, flights are all available in plenty. Why just India, the whole Asian region. From Shanghai to Bangkok to Dubai, Asia is arriving and delivering a life quality the world has never before seen. Welcome the new world.
Favorite Movies Don, Dilwhale Dulhaniya Le Jainge, Hotel Rawanda, Usual Suspects, Blow
Favorite Books Shantaram, Ramayan series by Ashok Banker, The Impressionist, Dan Brown, Economics by Samuelson, Telecosm...