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Occupation Mom
Location Kitchener, Canada
Introduction Well to start I am 29 years old and I love life. I love the fact that is it so unpredictable but that I have a choice as to how I handle each and every life experience. I love having faith. Faith in a God that I can't see but feel almost every moment of every day. I love that I am married to the man of my dreams.. heading on 10years April 12th. He's amazing. I love that he's always by my side supporting me. I love that he's wise, funny, and has a wonderful boyish charm about him. I am also a mommy of five. I love my five beautiful amazing girls. Leanna Harmony (8), Cadence Victoria (7), Rayne Symphony (6), Kassia Lyric (5)and Shaylee Carmen (2). I love being a mom. But I also know it can be soooo hard sometimes. Life is not perfect but it can be a blast. So here I am following the trend of bloggers. Why? Because I love writing and because... I would love to write about the challenges and excitement of being a woman. Raw and real. I hope this blog encourages you ladies out there to embrace who God has made you. We are all at different stages of life but we all have one thing in common. We are all BEAUTIFUL PASSIONATE WOMEN!
Interests Well I am interested and passionate about alot of things. Painting, singing, loving, decorating, reading (when I have time), hmmm the list could go on.