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Location Let's just say somewhere near Atlanta., Georgia, of course!, United States
Introduction I'm a girl all about peace, considering I've had a lot of arguing throughout my life. I also love cheez, of course, and playing Wizard101. My most successful fanfiction, The Most Powerful Spells of All can be read on Wizard101's creative writing. Are you team Anti-Willowsong?
Interests Playing Wizard101, Cheez, Cats, (more preferably kittens), anything minty, anything chocolatey, books, the ocean, and blogging with my friends :)
Favorite Movies The Harry Potters, Eespecially the fourth one, The Labyrinth, Mulan, Annie, The Spongebob Movie, Coraline
Favorite Music Paramore, Flyleaf, Carolina Liar, Avril Lavigne, Arctic Monkeys, Neon Trees, Riverboat Gamblers, Evanescence, Phoenix
Favorite Books The Guardians of Ga'Hoole, the Harry Potter Series, the Eragon series, the Nancy Drew series, A Series of Unfortunate Events series

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

Hmm... Gingerbread, Icing, Gumdrops, Marshmallows, Marzipan (idk what that even is xD), coconut sprinkes, powdery white sugar, M&Ms, licorice (black and red), loads of chocolate chips and-- Why would I even be hiding in a gingerbread house?