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Introduction a strange twentysomething still stuck in suburbia, plotting escape to a cooler town. very much alive + very much absent. condescending + full of snapsy remarks, straight from my fragile heart. high hopes of being + surrounding myself with 64 color boxes. i like adventures + art, coffee, farmers markets, + the place where redwoods meet the sea. i love good food + establishments with soul. i'm fiercely loyal to people, places, products, + menu items i love. intrigued by serial killers, gangs, + prisons. i adore people that appreciate impeccable manners + consider issues of spelling + grammar to be life or death. roller derby: it's super-badass. skydiving was the Coolest Thing Ever. seduced by posters, stickers on street lamps + vintage signage. i see patterns + inspiration everywhere. color. old things. dilapidated buildings, rusty, distressed surfaces. fonts. puppies. kerouac. annie leibovitz. i like my friendships to be deep + meaningful with inspiring, interesting, authentic, transparent, passionate, talented, curious people. music + lyrics. art installations. anthropologie. wanderlust. old pictures. glitter + sparkles + cuddling + mexican food. i make things. yay. that's me.