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Occupation Author
Location NorCal, United States
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Introduction YA author of Elements series, wife, mother, shoe aficionado, champion for the oppressed, believer in original ideas, stickler for honesty, integrity, and loyalty, dreamer and enthusiast that all things are possible.
Interests Spending time with family, writing, sports, photography, random trivia, movies, SHOE SHOPPING!
Favorite Movies Pride and Prejudice, Elf, Sense and Sensibility, Tommy Boy, Top Gun, Notebook, Lord of the Rings, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Steal Magnolias, the list goes on and on.
Favorite Music Depends on my mood, all genres...
Favorite Books Eclectic tastes ranging from YA, romance, fantasy, non-fiction, whatever mood strikes a cord at the time.

What animal do you most associate yourself with? Spider Monkey